The AxDDM is a unique depth & video monitoring software design for AXSUB® products that will transform the AxVIEW into a Diver Control platform that is way above the competition!

Here are some features of the Software

Video Tab

Dive Tab

Deco Tab

Report Tab

Download your copy here!

Windows 7 & 8 Version 2.0.35

Windows 10 Version 2.0.35

Software Instruction Manual

AxVIEW P User Manual

Software Requirement

Supported Operating Systems (English and French versions):
– Windows 10, 32-bit
– Windows 10, 64-bit
– Windows 8, 32-bit
– Windows 8, 64-bit
– Windows 7, 32-bit
– Windows 7, 64-bit
– *
* Other operating systems might work but are not officially supported by AXSUB®
Software requirements:
– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (installed by default with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, otherwise available on Microsoft website)