Portable Battery Packs

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Portable Battery Packs


Our Battery Packs can be used with any of the AxVIEW-P, AxVIEWV-P, AxVIEWHDV-P and AxVIEWV-RM systems as Battery Back-up or Main Power Supply. The AxVIEW systems integrate an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that switches to a 24VDC auxiliary source in case of a main’s supply power failure (120-240VAC). This ensures to the Diving Operations Supervisor and the diver that the AxVIEW system will continue to work until the diver returns safely to the surface.


Order Information:



AXSUB® Portable Battery Pack 2 cells (24 VDC – 5 Ah)



AXSUB® Portable Battery Pack 6 cells (24 VDC – 15 Ah)



AXSUB® Power Supply Cable for Battery Pack, 6-pin Amphenol, 4-pin AMP



AXSUB® External battery charger for Battery pack (24 VDC – 1 A)