The AxDDM is a unique depth & video monitoring software design for AXSUB® products that will transform the AxVIEW into a Diver Control platform that is way above the competition!

Here are some features of the Software

Video Tab

Dive Tab

Deco Tab

Report Tab

Download your copy here!

Version 2.0.27 (32 bits)

Version 2.0.27 (64 bits)

Software Instruction Manual

AxVIEW P User Manual

Software Requirement

Supported Operating Systems (English and French versions):
– Windows 10, 32-bit
– Windows 10, 64-bit
– Windows 8, 32-bit
– Windows 8, 64-bit
– Windows 7, 32-bit
– Windows 7, 64-bit
– *
Make sure to use the appropriate AxDDM installer for your operating system (32 bits or 64bits), otherwise it may lead to installation failure or drivers incompatibilities
* Other operating systems might work but are not officially supported by AXSUB®
Software requirements:
– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (installed by default with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, otherwise available on Microsoft website)