Deco Tab

Decompression using tables

Decompression is a function of both the bottom time and the max depth. Actual values of these variables are stored in the Deco Values box of the Deco tab. When a decompression table is selected in the Table combo box, the Show Steps button will use these values to determine the decompression schedule and show the steps in the spreadsheet. Any value between two decompression schedules will result in the next schedule being selected.


Decompression without table

If no decompression table is selected prior to click on the Start Final Ascent button, step timers will still be available to log the elapsed step time. There won’t be any step name or reference time, but times at which the steps are reached or quitted will be logged. Thus, when printing the decompression spreadsheet on the report, it is possible to fill the missing cells by hand. As with decompression using tables, click on the Next Step button to go to the next step, and click on the Stop Deco button when decompression is complete.


Move to chamber

When the Finish Dive button of the Dive tab is clicked, the Move to Chamber button will appear in the corresponding Deco tab page. This button transfers all dive data to be printed on report to a new chamber tab.

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