Dive Tab

Start New Dive

Here on the dive table you will be able to start loggin depth by clicking on Start Dive button. Once clicked, the text will change to Finish Dive and it will turn red to indicate that the depth is logging. The Dive Time timer and the Bottom Time timer will also start when the Start Dive button is clicked.

Axis Properties

By default, the chart’s axis are auto-scaled to best fit the depth curve. It is however possible to use custom axis values on the depth chart. Click on the Show Axis Properties button to display the axis settings.


Bottom Alarm

The target bottom alarm is a tool made available to the supervisor to remember to click on the Arrived Bottom button when the diver reaches the bottom, thereby printing the time for this event on the report. To set the target bottom, write the target value in the textbox then click on the Set Alarm button. The button will turn red to indicate that the alarm is set. When the alarm is triggered, the Dive tab will start flashing yellow and red, as well as the Diver page for which the alarm is set. This way, the user will know exactly where to go to stop the alarm. Click on the Arrived Bottom button to shut the alarm.


Save Chart as Image

At any time, the depth chart can be saved as a JPEG file containing the chart with its current axis values by clicking on the Save as Image button.

Finish/Reset Dive

Clicking the Finish Dive button means that the diver is back to surface. When clicked, this button will stop depth logging, stop the Dive Time timer and will enable the option to move decompression to a chamber.


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